Banana Flower Patties / Vaazhaipoo Vadai

Vaazhaipoo/Banana flower patties are a healthy and best starter. Every part of the plantain tree has its own health benefits and most of them are edible. Cleaning of banana flower is considered as a labourious job and takes time. I often ignore to buy this vegetable from the market as I think it as “too much work” but manage to buy atleast once in a month … Continue reading Banana Flower Patties / Vaazhaipoo Vadai

Pepper Chicken Dry

Pepper chicken dry is an easy dish that can be served with Rice, Roti and  Aappam. Its an perfect dish to serve for guests on a rainy evening and does not involve much ingredients. Freshly ground pepper powder provides an excellent flavour to the dish. You can adjust the quantity of pepper powder as you like. Here, I have given the measurements for medium spiced Pepper chicken … Continue reading Pepper Chicken Dry