Mutton keema curry/ Minced mutton curry (Updated)

This was my first post(without pic) and now updating the same recipe with the picture 🙂 🙂 Minced mutton curry is  a  delicious and flavourful south indian curry in which minced mutton (kothukari in tamil) is cooked along with whole and powdered Indian spices with onion and tomato. I like to have this curry with chapathi. It tastes good with full of flavours and also easy … Continue reading Mutton keema curry/ Minced mutton curry (Updated)

Flavourful Mutton Biryani

Succulent pieces of mutton/lamb cooked in flavourful blend of spices and fresh herbs along with rice makes mutton biryani droolworthy. Each and every region in India has its own way of preparing biryani. This is my own way of preparing mutton biryani and it tastes heavenly. The main ingredient is the basmati rice which gives it a unique flavour. In south indian cusine, biryani is … Continue reading Flavourful Mutton Biryani