Greengram Dosa / Greengram Lentil Crepes

Dosa / Crepes are mostly loved by every one. A crispy dosa with a healthy lentil makes it even more delicious as well as healthy too. Green gram is a healthy lentil packed with lot of protiens. This dosa / lentil crepe is an quick recipe with few ingredients. The only pre-preparation is the soaking of the lentil and then it can be made in … Continue reading Greengram Dosa / Greengram Lentil Crepes

Adai / SouthIndian Lentil Dosa

Adai/ Adai dosa is a healthy, protein rich and filling tiffin variety. I usually make this for breakfast as it is filling. It needs only pre-preparation of soaking lentils and no need much plan. Adai dosa is usually served with Avial, Jaggery powder, Coconut chutney. You can also a handful of sauted drumstick leaves to the batter ( I have not added here in this … Continue reading Adai / SouthIndian Lentil Dosa