Greengram Dosa / Greengram Lentil Crepes

Dosa / Crepes are mostly loved by every one. A crispy dosa with a healthy lentil makes it even more delicious as well as healthy too. Green gram is a healthy lentil packed with lot of protiens. This dosa / lentil crepe is an quick recipe with few ingredients. The only pre-preparation is the soaking of the lentil and then it can be made in … Continue reading Greengram Dosa / Greengram Lentil Crepes

Aloo Chapathi

Aloo Chapathi / Aloo Paratha is a North Indian stuffed flat bread variety. This recipe has a slight variation in using SouthIndian Homemade curry powder to the potato stuffing instead of individual spice powders. No other masalas are used other than this curry powder along with few herbs. It tastes awesome and preparation is simple. This stuffing can be prepared a day before in advance … Continue reading Aloo Chapathi

Spicy Greenchilli Coconut Chutney Topped With Sesame Oil

Greenchilli coconut chutney is a raw, spicy chutney and does not involve any cooking. It can be prepared within minutes with very few ingredients and tastes awesome. This chutney is served with sesame oil which enhances the flavour of the dip and as well as reduces the hotness of the greenchilli. It goes very well with piping hot idlis. This chutney/dip will be a favourite … Continue reading Spicy Greenchilli Coconut Chutney Topped With Sesame Oil

Onion Uthappam / SouthIndian Onion Pancake

Onion uthappam is a staple tiffin variety of SouthIndian households. I usually prepare this uthappam for breakfast, when I have leftover Idli/dosa batter (Refer here) that is 3 to 4 days old. The old batter is little sour and it gives a perfect flavour for the onion uthappam. Adding grated carrots is optional and also sprinkling Idli podi(will share soon) over the dosa gives an additional punch … Continue reading Onion Uthappam / SouthIndian Onion Pancake

Foxtail Millet Pongal / Thinai Pongal

Foxtail millet / Thinai arisi was one of the staple food in ancient days. Millets are called as sirudhaniyam in tamil and its popular in Tamilnadu. Thinai / Foxtail millet is a vegan food and also gluten free cereal. It is rich in protiens, and low in fat and has good amount of fiber content, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates.(Source: Google) I have already … Continue reading Foxtail Millet Pongal / Thinai Pongal

Adai / SouthIndian Lentil Dosa

Adai/ Adai dosa is a healthy, protein rich and filling tiffin variety. I usually make this for breakfast as it is filling. It needs only pre-preparation of soaking lentils and no need much plan. Adai dosa is usually served with Avial, Jaggery powder, Coconut chutney. You can also a handful of sauted drumstick leaves to the batter ( I have not added here in this … Continue reading Adai / SouthIndian Lentil Dosa

Sweet Paniyaram / Karupatti Paniyaram

Sweet paniyaram can be served as a breakfast or snack. Palm jaggery is referred to as ‘karupatti’ in Tamil. The batter I usually use to make paniyaram is the same batter that we prepare for Aappam (Refer the Aappam post for the batter preparation). I have posted the Savoury paniyaram version also. For the sweet version, you can use any of these: Palm jaggery syrup / … Continue reading Sweet Paniyaram / Karupatti Paniyaram