Aloo Chapathi

Aloo Chapathi / Aloo Paratha is a North Indian stuffed flat bread variety. This recipe has a slight variation in using SouthIndian Homemade curry powder to the potato stuffing instead of individual spice powders. No other masalas are used other than this curry powder along with few herbs. It tastes awesome and preparation is simple. This stuffing can be prepared a day before in advance … Continue reading Aloo Chapathi

Murungai Keerai Poriyal / Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry

Drumstick leaves / Murungai Keerai have been a part of Indian cuisine for a long time. These leaves may be considered as a king of all greens due to its numerous health benefits. During my childhood days, we used to have drumstick tree at our backyard from which we pluck leaves, drumstick and its flowers.My mom prepares poriyal, sambar and many other recipes with it … Continue reading Murungai Keerai Poriyal / Drumstick Leaves Stir Fry

SouthIndian Style Chole Masala

A SouthIndian twist to usual NorthIndian style Chole masala. This chole masala is infused with southern flavours. Especially, the spice kalpasi(stone flower) provides an unique flavour which is mostly used in Chettinad cuisine of southindia. The chana cooked in the coconut gravy has a melt in mouth consistency and its apt with any Indian breads. For other Gravy for Indian breads, refer here. Ingredients: Kabuli … Continue reading SouthIndian Style Chole Masala

Sakkarai Pongal / Sweet Pongal Made With Milk

Pongal is one among the Traditional festivals of Tamilnadu which is celebrated as a thanksgiving festival to Sun god. This Sakkarai Pongal / Sweet pongal is an festive sweet that is mostly offered as neivedhyam to God during the Pongal festival. Not only I make this recipe for Pongal festival but also whenever we crave for it😋. Here I have added milk to cook rice instead … Continue reading Sakkarai Pongal / Sweet Pongal Made With Milk

Onion Coconut Curry For Idli/Dosa

Piping hot spongy idli dunked in the Onion coconut curry tastes heavenly and its a soothing breakfast with normal spice levels. Its a simple and tasty dish prepared with more onions and you can feel the crunchy onions in every bite. I always prepare this curry for idlis and dosas and they are always the perfect pair. I have not prepared this curry with rotis, … Continue reading Onion Coconut Curry For Idli/Dosa

Jaggery Idiyappam / Jaggery String Hopper

Stringhopper / Idiyappam in any form, is always delicious and it is perfect for breakfast as it is steamed. I have already posted Stuffed sweet idiyappam and Sevai (SouthIndian rice noodles). This is one another version made with jaggery syrup and its simple to prepare, healthy and delicious. Ingredients: Raw Rice flour – 200 gms Jaggery – 200 gms Water – 1 cup (approx) Salt … Continue reading Jaggery Idiyappam / Jaggery String Hopper

Chocolate Kulfi With Jaggery As Sweetener

Wishing all of our wonderful and lovely ladies a Happy Women’s Day! Shall we celebrate this occasion with our authentic Indian dessert Kulfi ? Here is the recipe of  Chocolate Kulfi which is a rich frozen dessert. Everyone loves this dessert for sure. Kulfi is little denser than the usual icecreams and can be easily made in home. Instead of usual kulfi, I had an … Continue reading Chocolate Kulfi With Jaggery As Sweetener

Banana Flower Chanadhal Curry

Banana flower with chanadhal is an awesome combo. They both have health benefits on their own. The only pre-preparation to be done is the cleaning of the banana flower. Once its done, the remaining steps are simple and the outcome is delicious. The look of this recipe may not be attractive but its health benefits surpasses everything. Whenever I buy the banana flower from the … Continue reading Banana Flower Chanadhal Curry

Healthy Bittergourd Stir Fry

Most of us will have an aversion towards bittergourd but this recipe will definitely change our attitude towards it. This stir fry involves very less ingredients without any masalas. In this recipe, I used the bittergourd as it is and did not do any pre-preparations to remove its bitterness.The final addition of jaggery powder / Sugar gives an extra punch to the stir fry as … Continue reading Healthy Bittergourd Stir Fry