SouthIndian Style Chicken Kurma

South Indian style chicken kurma is an easy to do kurma in which chicken is cooked in coconut-cashew paste. The coconut and cashews used gives a richness to the kurma and the recipe does not involve many ingredients. Also, in this kurma none of the masalas are used except the whole spices. Over all, this is an easy to prepare and rich southindian delicacy. This … Continue reading SouthIndian Style Chicken Kurma

Prawn Radish Curry

Radish with prawn is an awesome combo. I usually make prawn masala (Refer recipe here). I had this recipe in my To do list for a long time. So I made this curry this time and it turned out perfect. My mom makes this curry and I love it. This curry goes well with rice, idli / dosa and rotis. For more Non-vegetarian recipes, refer here Ingredients: … Continue reading Prawn Radish Curry

Hyacinth beans curry / Mochakottai kuzhambu

Hyacinth beans is referred as Mochakottai in Tamil. Other common names for this hyacinth beans are lablab bean, Indian bean. These beans are rich in iron, copper, zinc and protein. This curry is easy to prepare and its filling. Its an apt curry for rice but also goes well with idli, dosa and roti. For other gravy/curry recipes for rice, refer here Ingredients: Dry hyacinth … Continue reading Hyacinth beans curry / Mochakottai kuzhambu

Febraury 2017 Share And Inspire Others! Bread-Sweet and Savoury

Hi dear friends, Here are the awesome collection of bread recipes from February 2017 Share and Inspire Others! BREAD – SWEET AND SAVORY. I thank Esme of The Recipe Hunter for providing me this opportunity to share and inspire others. Hope you all will be eager to participate in  the upcoming events. Originally posted on The Recipe Hunter: I know, I know, I am early in releasing this … Continue reading Febraury 2017 Share And Inspire Others! Bread-Sweet and Savoury

Spicy Greenchilli Coconut Chutney Topped With Sesame Oil

Greenchilli coconut chutney is a raw, spicy chutney and does not involve any cooking. It can be prepared within minutes with very few ingredients and tastes awesome. This chutney is served with sesame oil which enhances the flavour of the dip and as well as reduces the hotness of the greenchilli. It goes very well with piping hot idlis. This chutney/dip will be a favourite … Continue reading Spicy Greenchilli Coconut Chutney Topped With Sesame Oil

Nutritious Broken Wheat Upma / Dalia Upma

Dalia / Cracked wheat upma is a nourishing breakfast and its filling one. Its rich in fiber and considered as a low fat diet too. Though ordinary rava upma tends to be a boring dish for most of the people, this is an interesting and healthy version to try it out. It is also said to be good for diabetic patients. I have used broken … Continue reading Nutritious Broken Wheat Upma / Dalia Upma

Radish Sambar Recipe For Rice

Sambar is mostly a favourite recipe for all and its a common recipe in every southindian households. The recipe I have shared here,specifically goes well with rice. I prepare this sambar for lunch. It involves tamarind pulp, that is apt for rice and I have used homemade curry powder(Refer recipe here) for lunch sambar. I prepare this same sambar with veggies like drumstick and brinjal, Ladys finger, Bottle … Continue reading Radish Sambar Recipe For Rice