Blogger Recognition Award

I am truly delighted to share with you all that I have been nominated for the Blogger recognition award by my friend Deepa Binu Jacob of Currylives. Thank you Deepa :-).       I am pleased, honored and humbled to accept this award. This newyear gave me more and more surprises such as 1000likes and then this award. Such recognitions motivates me so much.

I have been following her blog for a few months now. Her blog has awesome, droolworthy recipes and the photographs of recipes are so inviting and its worth visiting her blog. Do check her blog

Each and every blog I follow inspires me so much. Its really a tough job nominating 15 alone but adhering to the rules, here are my nominees. Do check their awesome blogs, if not yet visited:

I have an habit of going through food websites and sometimes will try some recipes from those. In those websites, they keep record of their recipes and as well as share. I thought it as an great idea. Initially, I had no specific intention in starting a blog but searched regarding blogging platforms as I had no idea about blogging. Few months back, my husband introduced me wordpress. Then I started sharing my recipes and the blog is keeping me engaged now. It gives me more confidence, and thus makes me post recipes consistently. Now I am able to share what I want to, I have gained lots of wonderful like-minded passionate blogger friends who are an inspiration for me and able to learn new things in this blogosphere.

Just go on with what you want to share from your heart. This is a piece of suggestion that I give to new bloggers. Not as an advice. As I am also new to blogging.

Rules for those who accept the nomination:

  1. Create a blog thanking the blogger who nominated you and listing their site.
  2. Nominate 15 bloggers you follow and notify them.
  3. Share an experience that got you started blogging.
  4. Share a word of advice for fellow bloggers.

Once again, thank you so much for your nomination Deepa 🙂



34 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Hi Priya. I am working my way as usual through some blogs and then saw that you nominated me for this award on Jan 12th. Please forgive me that I have not responded as I have not received any notification of this. I am truly honored and flattered by the nomination. Please let me know how you wish to me proceed with this.

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    1. Hi dear Esme, no worries. I must have sent you a message regarding this. But somehow missed it. You deserve it and it’s my pleasure nominating you. It’s your wish to accept it or not. It’s not compulsory.
      And one more, got a message from you nominating me for Blogaholic award. Will work on this soon. Thank u dear😊

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      1. Thanks for the nomination. Will work on it tonight once back from the office.
        As for the blog-aholic award, its only my own way to thank you all for your hard work and following me. This is a newly created award and first time that any nominee received this as I created it. Thanks for paying it forward.

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