Crispy Onion Fritters / Onion Bajji

‘Hot crispy onion bajji with a hot cup of tea on a rainy evening’. Sound delicious right? Here is a easy snack prepared using very few ingredients that we have in our kitchen pantry.

Onion bajji is made by dipping onion slices in besan batter and deep frying it. Some people do bake but I haven’t tried baking onion fritters. For this recipe, I prefer using sliced onion strips instead of whole onion rings as the onion strips also gets fried very well and it tastes delicious. The measurement given here makes 7 to 8 bajji’s.



Onion – 2 nos (Slice into strips)

Besan flour – 1/4 cup

Chilli powder – 1 tsp

Cooking soda – a pinch

Salt – to tate

Water – 3 tbsp (approx)

Oil – for deep frying


  1. Slice the onions into very thin strips and keep aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl, add besan flour, chilli powder, cooking soda and required salt.
  3. Add little water and mix well with a whisk. The batter should be neither thick nor thin.
  4. Now add the sliced onion strips to the batter and mix well such that the batter coats the strips well. The onion will also leave out its juices. So add water accordingly.1
  5. Heat oil in pan for deep frying. Add a drop of batter in the oil. If it raises to the surface immediately, then the oil is in correct temperature.
  6. Now take a spoonful of mixture and drop it in hot oil . Do not overcrowd the oil. Fry in small batches.
  7. Fry in a medium flame so that the besan gets cooked well from inside.
  8. Fry till golden on both sides.
  9. Serve right away with coconut chutney or ketchup.


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