Mutton Chukka

Mutton Chukka is an authentic and classy dish of Tamilnadu. You can get this dish in most of the hotels in southern parts of Tamilnadu. Each one has a unique style of preparing this delicious recipe. This is my moms own style of preparing Mutton chukka. I love making mutton chukka for weekend lunch along with steamed rice. The perfect blend of freshly ground spices coated over tender … Continue reading Mutton Chukka

Adai / SouthIndian Lentil Dosa

Adai/ Adai dosa is a healthy, protein rich and filling tiffin variety. I usually make this for breakfast as it is filling. It needs only pre-preparation of soaking lentils and no need much plan. Adai dosa is usually served with Avial, Jaggery powder, Coconut chutney. You can also a handful of sauted drumstick leaves to the batter ( I have not added here in this … Continue reading Adai / SouthIndian Lentil Dosa

Vathal kuzhambu (No onion, No garlic)

Vathal kuzhambu is a spicy and tangy gravy. Every SouthIndian home has its unique way of preparing this recipe. This is my moms style of preparing vathal kuzhambu. Vathal kuzhambu is a perfect gravy for rice that is served for lunch. I love having Pappad/Appalam with Vathal/Vatral kuzhambu. In this recipe, I have used Sundakkai (Turkey berry) vathal. You can use Manathakkali Vathal also. Ingredients: … Continue reading Vathal kuzhambu (No onion, No garlic)

Rawbanana Stir Fry / Vazhakkai Podimas

Plantain stir fry / Vazhakkai Podimas is a healthy and delicious dish. As it does not require much ingredients, it is easy to prepare. This is a mild spiced sidedish so I usually make this for tamarind based spicy gravies. Ingredients: Raw banana – 2 medium sized Onion – 1 Redchilli – 2 nos Curry leaves – 1 sprig Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp Uradh dhal … Continue reading Rawbanana Stir Fry / Vazhakkai Podimas

Spicy Lady’s finger / Okra Stir Fry

Spicy Lady’s finger / Okra / Vendakkai Stir fry is an easy recipe. Okra is a veggie that is commonly used in Indian cooking.  This dish is slightly spicy when compared to ordinary Vendakkai poriyal. You can adjust the spice level according to your wish. I have used the all-purpose Homemade curry powder. It gives a good flavour to the dish. We have to choose tender okras … Continue reading Spicy Lady’s finger / Okra Stir Fry

Scrambled Paneer Gravy

Paneer is a favourite ingredient for most of the people and it’s a versatile one which can be used to prepare dry as well as gravy dishes. Its a most popular ingredient in Indian vegetarian cusine. Instead of cubed paneer, scrambled paneer is used in this recipe. If you have left over paneer, you can prepare this dish in ease.   Ingredients: Scrambled Paneer – 100 … Continue reading Scrambled Paneer Gravy